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SMS auctions, both traditional highest unique bid style and reverse SMS auctions where the lowest unique bid wins style are a great way to generate interest in your product.

PlusOne can help you establish an SMS auction bid cost of your choosing ranging from free for the bidder up to $6.60 per bid, though a charge of $2-3 is more typical for premium auctions. 

An SMS auction system is a great way to promote a new or existing product, especially when used in conjunction with existing advertising schedules. Why? Because it can be used to create a buzz and desire for the product, which has the very real potential to increase subsequent sales.

Alternatively you may choose to establish a website specifically to run a specific SMS highest bid or lowest bid auctioning business.

Why not contact us to arrange a demonstration!

Note our service is not designed to integrate with a parallel web based auction service. It is a stand-alone service.

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