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Part of Plusone's activities includes e-consultation,
typically through a direct involvement email process involving invited participants. (See Email Strategies)

With the need for broader Community Engagement (consultation) tools, we have recently developed a web-based community engagement and public consultation system.

This is not a one-way online survey, but a process that allows active community and stakeholder engagement on the key topics - a vital aspect of true community engagement, public and stakeholder consultation

Our process allows:

  • Public suggestion of topics related to your broad issue

  • Public ability to make statements on topics

  • Public ability to make comments on statements

  • Public ability to assign votes to statements (which can be sorted so 'most relevant' can appear at the top)

  • Ability to indicate if they feel other's comments contribute or otherwise to the discussion.

Participant's ability to vote and suggest if comments are contributing to the debate means you can get a true perspective on community / stakeholder attitudes. The system also allows easy sorting of discussion so that those issues most viewed or with the highest vote rating are easily visible.

Other features of our forum include:

  • Allowance for moderators to be assigned, with various levels of intervention capacity. If required, moderators can upload files (such as background papers, images etc)  for participant information.

  • Open or closed registration (i.e. also suitable for confidential internal staff consultation processes).

  • Auto replace of identified words (helps eliminate abuse or profanity).

  • Various settings to reduce multiple votes by the same person.

  • Flagging of updated Topics and new Statements

  • Flagging of read topics/subtopics.

This system is also suitable for Policy Round Tables.

Please contact us to discuss implementation of our system to your consultation needs. Our approach allows active participant involvement, no matter what country you are in.

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