Managers need to manage the support of staff, not the staff themselves

Posted by on 27 Jun 2014 | Tagged as: Business, consumer engagement

This is an excellent article that addresses talent, but think beyond ideas, also think about empowerment with customers. Sadly it is always management that is the weak link. The challenge is to reduce defensiveness, rid the control mentality and move to a new reality where managers are supporters and their success is based on staff success. Yes, managers need to manage the support of staff, not the staff themselves.

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Internet shoppers are not seeing your posts and what you can do about it

Posted by on 08 Jun 2014 | Tagged as: Business, Communications, SMS

This post from Internet Retailer highlights the issues of relying on social media for your promotional activities. Simply put, almost 94% of your Facebook followers WILL NOT SEE YOUR POST. The solution is easy. Use SMS. Cost effective and your messages get read by the people you are wanting to read it, WHEN you want.

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Beware site redirects with this Tweet This script

Posted by on 25 Dec 2013 | Tagged as: Web

A couple of years ago i got enthusiastic about Twitter and decided to put a ‘Tweet This button on one of my websites.

Well we all did…it seemed the right thing to do.

So I sourced code from and all sat there well for a number of years till recently someone said that when they accessed the site via mobile, it redirected to another site.

After much investigation I discovered it was the twitthis  script.

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What to look for in email Phishing scams

Posted by on 18 Nov 2013 | Tagged as: Business, General

Today, most robberies do not occur on the streets, or from people’s homes and bank robberies are now almost unheard of.

With the increased sophistication that the internet provides, most times the person out to steal from you probably is not even in the same country.

Some clever emails are mass sent that rely on the reader being either un-knowledgeable, tired, busy or trusting.

Here is a Phishing email I received today. It could have purported to be from any bank and on a percentage basis when these are sent I guess they are targeting the percentage of people who use the bank mentioned in the email.

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How to send an SMS today for delivery tomorrow

Posted by on 26 Aug 2013 | Tagged as: SMS

Often a business or club will have the need to send an SMS at a time when the person responsible for getting the message out is not available.  This can be a case of sending an SMS now for delivery later in the day, tomorrow, next week ,  next month or even next year.

This can be easily achieved using the PlusOne SMS Portal message scheduling tool.

It is very easy to use: when setting up the message at the stage where it mentions Schedule, change the No to a yes, and a dialog section will appear. Continue Reading»

PlusOne SMS Portal – Quicksend

Posted by on 12 Aug 2013 | Tagged as: consumer engagement, SMS

While having the ability to send text messages to your client/customer list is a proven way to help drive more enquiries and sales for your business, there are often times when you have need to send a text message to just one or two people.

These single or very small list sends can be to work colleagues, or in response to an enquiry. While you can create a mini list, it is far easier to make use of the Quick Send function in the recently updated interface.

click to enlarge

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Timing is important in SMS marketing

Posted by on 18 Mar 2013 | Tagged as: Marketing, SMS

When telling a good joke, timing is everything and so it is with SMS.

Timing of your SMS sending has various aspects, so lets explore just a few here:

Timing to take advantage of outside influences.

While many business take advantage of pivotal events like Christmas, Valentines and Mothers Day to focus sales points, the ease in which SMS offers can be devised and implemented using your online SMS portal means you have a daily smorgasbord of opportunity to tie in with daily events to boost interest. Sporting results, weather, local traffic can all be tied in to create an appeal offer to get people to visit, call or visit your SMS linked online deal. On occasions and with care, you can also participate in a  bit of gorilla marketing.

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Your SMS campaign – more than just TXT

Posted by on 08 Mar 2013 | Tagged as: Media

In today’s marketing realm, there is a smorgasbord of of options available to marketers. Every one of them places claims about the effectiveness of their channel, but most have severe restrictions.

Email just gets lost in a sea of spam, Twitter suffers a flood of posts, so your message becomes just one more item in a river of data flowing by, unseen, unactioned. A similar story can be said about Facebook, plus the lack of immediacy. There are various apps, however they merely capture a small segment of your database who have the inclination to instal the app. In effect, marketing the app takes over from the real business of marketing product or service.

Despite the plethora of digital upstarts, as a marketing tool SMS   still remains one of the strongest forms of direct marketing, with ongoing strong growth in the market. Continue Reading»

Mobile apps and mobile internet – the demise of bricks and mortar?

Posted by on 19 May 2012 | Tagged as: Media

Here is an interesting article that looks at the rise of shopping apps for mobile phones that puts the power of comparison shopping into the hands of every shopper.

Who wins – the shopper or the retailer who can sell goods at the lowest price and still stay in business?

Who is the ogre….the Government and GST, the retailers who now compete solely on price, or the Hong Kong online retailers who can sell at prices that are unbelievably low?

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Want to import goods into Australia – here is how to do it!

Posted by on 11 May 2012 | Tagged as: Business, General

Importing Australia - The Essential Guide for Importers

Every day there are people looking to import goods for their business. These can be for resale, or can be importing items such as machinery to improve business efficiency.

However, despite the seeming ease of importing and the easy access to manufacturers that has previously not been seen, there are dozens of pitfall to trap the unwary. While a simple internet search for overseas suppliers can result in many sites and millions of products, just how can you be sure that what you want to buy is going to be salable so you can make good profits?

Many overseas suppliers can supply good quality samples by post, but the importer can be dismayed to find when they open their container that the goods delivered are not the same quality.

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