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Like a business plan and a marketing plan, a communication plan is a key business tool. In fact, like a marketing plan, a communication plan should be included in every business plan and be subject to the same annual review to measure its effectiveness and ensure it's relevance to the business.

The benefit of a well-considered and implemented communications plan is all audience segments will receive information that is relevant to them, that helps build trust and helps build business.

A communication plan can be as simple or complex as you wish; but consists of several key aspects:

  • The strategy
  • The action plan


 The Strategy is about identifying and  reaching the audiences, key message/s, overarching aims and objectives of the communication activity

Action Plan

A detailed Action Plan (Communications Plan) supports the Strategy, by providing detail to the strategic framework, along with performance indicators.

Identification of key issues determines the communication effort and shapes the message.

In large organisations, all major projects need to have a Communications Plan to maximise the dissemination of positive information about - work progress, achievements, benefits. This is essential when the identified audiences is the local or regional community.

In addition the plan will have in place arrangements to effectively deal with crisis situations.

We are experienced in developing communication plans for organisations of up to 1500 staff. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

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