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*Content differs from design. Design is about graphics and structure, Content is about structure
and meaning.

Important! We read computer screens differently than from paper. Research has shown that we read 25% slower from screens than print. Studies also showed that 79% of test users always scanned any new page they came across; only 16% read word-by-word.

Measured usability is dramatically higher when information is written concisely (58% better) and and is scannable (47% better). By adding objective language (neutral, not heavy promotions) the three ideas combined resulted in 124% better usability

No matter if you are setting up a new website or reviewing the content on and existing site the impact of having your content written for readability and understanding cannot be ignored. In addition correct use of keywords in meta data and keyword density in page copy will help your website be found by major search engines!

We can turn long-winded web site content into a punchy, easy-to-read form, while maintaining essential information and meaning.

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We also offer affordable websites for small business.

This service includes:

  1. Site creation based using exciting layouts
  2. Contact us form
  3. Site content rewriting based on your supplied content to suit both humans and visitors
  4. Keywording and essential SEO so search engines find you
  5. Optimisation (file size reduction) of supplied images for fast page loading

Optional extras include:

  • Domain registration and hosting
  • Blog establishment
  • Online calendar
  • Basic ecommerce - allowing visitors to buy your products
  • Online store

Sample sites"

  1. Nitpickers
  2. Lice Free Naturally
  3. Aussie Promo Plates
  4. AccomodationPlus
  5. Cryogen Industries (content)
  6. Cellulite Free Me

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> AussiePromoPlates
> Funny caricatures
> Shop Online Aust.
> Adults Toys
> Reservation Heaven

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