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SMS advertising has become an extremely desirable method of target marketing for a range of market groups ranging in age from late-teens to middle aged. In many cases SMS advertising can be integrated into planned advertising campaigns to leverage response rates, or new campaigns can be built with SMS text messaging as the primary mechanic.

Note: While we have access to opt-in SMS lists based on a range of demographic data, SMS advertising must meet our criteria before will will proceed. This criteria is based on; offer, industry and value to the recipient. If a campaign is considered unsuitable for SMS, you may consider using our Email Campaigns.

We now have a great service,
PlusOne SMS Central,
for smaller businesses wanting
to self-manage their SMS sending.
Free set-up and rates under 14c
per message. Contact us for details.

For many businesses and ad agencies, the only limitation has been access to a knowledgeable SMS supplier who can offer a range of services and an understanding of marketing to allow the creative to become a reality.

PlusOne is your gateway to the exciting world of SMS advertising and SMS marketing. By accessing our services, your business can benefit from innovative services. 

Why SMS is so important;

  • SMS advertising is timely - deliver at the exact time your advertisement will have most impact

  • SMS can target a mobile audience - mobiles are on 12- 24 hours per day

  • SMS advertising is cost effective 

  • Ideal for the 18-45 market 

  • Response device is already present 

  • SMS is personal - most messages are read as soon as they are received

  • SMS advertising response rates outstrip all other forms of advertising

Through or Campaign Management Services, we can provide virtually any SMS activity including;

  • Personalised SMS broadcasts to existing databases held by the client on days and exact times required (personalised if names are available)

  • SMS-based competitions to provide fun and interactivity with any event - ideal for building SMS response databases with response (games of chance or skill-based) 

  • SMS for Brand reinforcement

  • Multiple choice response games to fully engage the consumer 

  • SMS-email response mechanisms for feedback/comments/input 

  • SMS-based polls 

  • Viral marketing 

  • Other applications as required

We can help you effectively use SMS for;

  • SMS product launches

  • SMS Brand reinforcement 

  • SMS Customer Loyalty Programs (i.e. shopping centres, or larger stores, Brands) 

  • SMS supported movie/band promotions etc 

  • SMS direct response mechanism for advertisements (linked with print/radio/TV/handouts/billboards) 

  • SMS promotion of events 

  • SMS special youth market activities 

  • SMS Polls, SMS opinion surveys etc

If you would like to make use of SMS in your marketing, please feel free to contact us.

Now is the time to be actively thinking about SMS advertising, SMS marketing, interactive uses of SMS. New media advertising is taking off as marketing managers are faced with increased pressure to get more out of their budgets. The ability for SMS to deliver response rates from 11-45% means there is an unquestionable cost/benefit.

We only use Australian telecommunications carriers to ensure the highest level of delivery.

Premium SMS

Premium SMS is when there is a higher cost than the carriers own standard  charges. This can range from 55 cents for a competition entry to $6.60 if you are offering information or products for sale with SMS payment.

You receive a percentage of the amount charge to the user by way of a rebate. This can reduce or completely cover the cost of running a competition, however, competitions should not be seen as a way of making money. Unless entry rates are in the tens of thousands, premium rate competitions should be seen as a form of consumer engagement, list building with the benefit of a cost offset 

Typical premium SMS applications are:

  • Competitions

  • Reverse Auction

  • Trivia Games

  • Information

  • Mobile Media

 Read some SMS case studies of how SMS is being used.

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