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Foot happy thongs and sandals

warriors sandals

Warrior utility sandals

ON SPECIAL PAY JUST $15.99pr - (RRP $24.95)

The most exciting footwear product to hit Australia
As featured in:
National Sunday papers
Gourmet Traveller
Trailer Boat Magazine

Made from top quality EVA rubber, these functional yet funky looking sandals for men and women are at home in the garden, on the way to the shops, at the beach, in the fact anywhere you would wear normal sandals, plus more!

Super light weight, these sandals are water resistant and have nice dimples on the insole to keep your feet happy! There is plenty of ventilation to keep your feet cool or let them dry off if you wear in the rain or on the water's edge.

These unisex sandals are so new you probably won't find then in shops yet, so if you want to be different and cool, this is the product for you!

So don't waste money on expensive Crocs, Warrior sandals are the way to go!

Available in black and blue, we have sizes to suit women and men.

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I have been wearing my Warrior sandals for a few days now. Their open design seemed well suited to the current wet conditions and so I have been wearing mine in the garden and down to the shops.

The one thing I can say about them in any sort of wet conditions is they feel 'right'. Unlike thongs that your foot can slip out of, or sandals that get heavy when wet, the Warriors took it all in their stride! I had been wearing thongs the day before and there was no comparison in the suitability when wearing them in wet grass or puddles. If the get muddy, a few seconds under the tap and they are nice and clean. I even climbed a ladder to unblock some drains and they felt safe.

In the dry they are also comfortable and are very easy to slip on and off.

They seem to be the perfect footwear item for garden, park and beach, and I imagine they would be perfect for boaties and fishermen.

SIZING Mens and equivalent ladies, EURO size and inside measurement

Extra Small 6 94026cm
Small 7 104126.5cm
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Plenty of protection and comfort under foot.

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