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G'Day Mate 5 plugger men's rubber thongs - from $8.20/pair (RRP $11.50)

Buy the ever popular men's double plugger thongs online, no matter where in Australia you live! The G'Day mate 5 plug rubber thongs feature G'Day Mate on the sole.

Made from top quality rubber material, these men's flip flops have endured due to their comfort and reliability coming from the famous double plug construction. The soles are made from comfortable yet durable EVA rubber. These provide a soft bed for your feet while exhibiting a long wearing charactersitic.

Beware of less comformatble cheap imitations now being found in stores that are made from synthetic materials. The G'Day Mate product men's rubber 5 plug thongs offer greater comfort and durability for a better price. Make sure you check the bottom of the sole - if it does not say G'Day Mate it's not genuine!

We have the largest range of sizes of mens double plugger rubber thongs available anywhere - from size 9" suitable for your young bloke who wants to wear thongs just like Dad, up to a massive 16" for blokes who tend to brag, or like waterskiing or need something to walk on snow.

Note: These mens rubber thongs are sold in inches sizes. Corresponding approximate shoe sizes are shown here:
Inches Shoe Size Inches Shoe Size
9 2-3 12 11-12
10 5-6 13 13
10.5 7-8 14 14
11 8-9 15 15
11.5 9-10 16 16
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GDay3 (9K) G'Day1 (8K)

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