I was reading an article the other day about the progressive inroads that Microsoft’s new search engine Bing is having is the search world.

Admittedly they are still a long way behind and only have a small sector of the market, but its popularity is slowly increasing. If you have not seen it yet, check it out.

Reports are that Microsoft has spent 100 million dollars on advertising to get the new search engine into people’s faces.

But is Microsoft its own worst enemy? I ask this because while Bing is being promoted as a product brand, it is also being branded as a Microsoft product. Seems the powers that be at Microsoft just cannot resist keeping one branding hand on their new baby.

For many (including me) the move to products like Google, CompareOffice, and FireFox browser are indicative of a distrust of having too many applications in one basket.

With Bing, this ongoing tie to the Microsoft brand might not be appealing.

But what happend when the advertising dollar runs out, how will Bing cope with remaining in the public eye.

Perhaps while there are still some advertising dollars in the budget, Microsoft should be looking  social adoption methods.

The simplest of these is to work at getting the word Bing into the social language. Get it referred to as a verb. So people will ‘Bing it’ rather than ‘Google it’. So one way to do this is through product placement. Yes just like many consumer products buy spots in all manner of programs (no the brand of computer used in shows is not hit and miss, it is bought placement) in order to be associated with their target audience.

So maybe Oprah needs to ‘Bing it’, or Baby Girl in Criminal minds needs to ‘Bing it’….

The average user of search engines are generally happy with the results as long as they give relevence to what they were searching for. Bing has some interesting touches that will appeal to those who like things organised and the clean interface with the daily change of picture suits those looking for access and a screen saver all in one….

But social alignment, friends trying because their friends use it will be the maker or breaker for Bing.

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