Importing Australia - The Essential Guide for Importers

Every day there are people looking to import goods for their business. These can be for resale, or can be importing items such as machinery to improve business efficiency.

However, despite the seeming ease of importing and the easy access to manufacturers that has previously not been seen, there are dozens of pitfall to trap the unwary. While a simple internet search for overseas suppliers can result in many sites and millions of products, just how can you be sure that what you want to buy is going to be salable so you can make good profits?

Many overseas suppliers can supply good quality samples by post, but the importer can be dismayed to find when they open their container that the goods delivered are not the same quality.

Can you be sure costs are legitimate? Is the supplier and the shipper skimming money on false or high charges?

This guide provides you with hot tips so you save on unwarranted costs and boost your profits, no matter if you are bringing in a container or wanting to start drop shipping using an overseas supplier.

Confused about Customs and Import Duties? Some products require special Licences and Approvals – this guide covers those in detail.

Short of funds? This guide will also show you how to start importing with minimal funds – become an importer on a shoestring budget!
Drop shipping as an importer? Sure can and this guide has a whole chapter covering drop shipping importing.
Resources you just cannot do without: knowing where to go and who to talk to and what links and contacts you need.

How to talk and walk like an industry pro. Presenting a confident face is important in dealing to get the best deals!

All this in 140 information-packed pagesĀ  for just $29.95 – Buy now!


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