The use of SMS for out bound promotions to customers is well documented. Activities such as sending offers and specials are already carried out by many businesses to good effect.

Some businesses also use it to send SMS for such things as, appointment reminders, payment reminders and even to prompt when a car service may be due.

However SMS can also be used whereby the customer can initiate contact with the business; be it for complaints, suggestions, user ranking (please rate ease of use of this product from 1-5) or even registrations.

SMS is often more suited than other feedback mechanisms such as 1300 or1800 numbers where a staff member needs to be available to answer the phone and who may not be sufficiently trained to answer all questions.

Taking voice calls also makes tabulation of results a protracted and potentially expensive task.

Also in some instances people may be hot under the collar about something but don’t want to talk to a real person, but still vent their feelings.

Web site forms can also be used but this requires people to stop what they are doing and go to a computer, which may not be readily available.

SMS provides a better way for several reasons for consumer engagement including:

· People can take immediate action in sending a message, no matter where they are – 99% of the time their mobile is within reach

· There is a perception of annoniminity – people are more likely to reveal their true feelings

· The use of key words in instructions can allow specific information to be sent by return message without immediate intervention required by staff

· All responses can be data based automatically, recording date, time originating number and message allowing easier data interrogation to track trends

· Messages can also be directed to an email address, allowing instant response via SMS or calling

· SMS is ubiquitous – everyone can send a text from their phone – far fewer can send a tweet or post a Facebook message.

· The easiest way to get people to provide feedback is to have the information printed on packaging. This can be in addition to other forms of feedback mechanisms .

If you would like to try customer initiated SMS, just give us a call 0409 349 752 We can set up an account for free and discuss your options.

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