With the favorable exchange rate it seems every second person is heading overseas on holidays or business travel.

All to often however, people come back and get a nasty surprise – and I am not talking about health related ones 😉

Just as shocking can be the arrival of the next phone bill with a huge amount for global roaming costs, both for calls made and for those intrusive, well meaning relatives who just want to phone all the time to see ‘how things are going?’

It is not unusual for people to receive a phone bill of several THOUSAND dollars. This soon wipes any advantage of cheap holidays brought about by the high Aussie dollar.

The solution to high international phone costs is SIMPLE and is achieved simply by working around local telcos and reaping the rewards. No only that, buy you can get free text messaging as well.

Discover how to get very cheap global roaming calls here.

I know it saves heaps because we have been using ours for years.

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