In today’s business environment, tighter margins mean cost cutting across the board for many businesses. One of these areas is marketing and advertising.

As anyone in sales and advertising will tell you, when business gets slow, the last thing that should be reduced is the business’s capacity to maintain and grow its market share.

In fact during economic tough times provides the perfect time to be taking your product to market because everyone else has reduced their marketing and advertising budgets, making the overall effectiveness of your campaigns much better.

Sadly, the people in charge of budgets are rarely those with knowledge or appreciation of marketing and advertising.

However by presenting the concept of thinking smarter, it is possible to maintain market presence by using more cost effective and targeted marketing and advertising tools and still remain within the tighter budgets that now may apply.

The following approach works well no matter if you are a small business or a national blue chip brand.

Every business should be thinking about using SMS. Used properly, SMS can be a very powerful tool for marketing to consumers.

So why SMS ?  For several reasons :

  • SMS is ubiquitous – everyone has a phone and every phone has the capacity to receive and display messages
  • You can grab people’s attention when you want them to read your message
  • It is cheap. It is one of the cheapest ways to get your message to market.  It is less expensive than a phone call connection and a lot less than the cost of a postage stamp

When business is slow, think about those sales you could be making, for the sake of the few dollars an SMS campaign would have cost.

It’s all about opportunity cost – what sales will you be missing out on if you don’t deliver enticing  prospects to your customers?  If they don’t know they won’t come and SMS provides the cheapest and most effective way of letting them know.

It is no good a few days later saying I could have made sales if I had …

Instead, by proactively thinking about opportunities,  reasons, creating bundled deals to communicate with your customers you can leverage the relationship to everyone’s benefit.

If you are thinking that implementing SMS was too difficult, the good news is that today it is very simple: with no cost to set up an SMS account and low costs per message to send your marketing or promotional message.

SMS is also very time-cost effective. Not only can you deliver messages into the hands of customers at the time of your choosing, but also the development and implementation time is a fraction of the time it takes two to any other forms of marketing or advertising.

In fact, from conception to implementation can take only a few hours. This makes it ideal for responding to current events.

In addition, by segmenting your lists you will be able to deliver specific, targeted offers to your customers.

Compare this to placing a newspaper advertisement where time for developing artwork and lead time for publication for a shotgun distribution to the mass market makes this a very inefficient way of taking your offer to market .

With SMS you can not only target your existing customers but you can also invite your customers to forward the message a friend thereby increasing the effectiveness of your campaign .

SMS also provides excellent accountability.

A good SMS interface allows you to see how many messages have been delivered, how many have bounced and how many people have unsubscribed.

This important information will allow you to carefully manage your database and campaigns. You can delete messages from the bounced numbers list ( or set it to auto delete) and by monitoring unsubscribe rates (again an automatic process) you clearly see how the market is accepting your messages.

If you find your unsubscribe rate increasing, you may need to either examine if the message has a strong enough offer, or if maybe messages are being sent too frequently.

SMS also allows you to effectively test market messages by sending to only a portion of your list. This allows you to test two different offers and based on the response to then send the most successful to the full list.

If you have not all about trying SMS, now use a great time .  We can help you setup and SMS account at no cost (Australia only) and if you apply before February 28, 2011, we will also credit your account with a bonus $5.00  so you can experiment al l little with messages to staff and friends.

Call us on 0409 349 752 or complete the form here.

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