Finding the ideal hotel room in Australia or New Zealand has become easier with the launch of a new hotel booking website on the Australian market.

As well as making it easy to find the right place to stay, travelers also benefit as the site is free to use; charges no booking fees and often no deposit was required to secure the booking.

accommodation plus hotel reservations australia

AccommodationPlus team leader, Mr Matt Eliason, said the site featured a strongly user oriented design that provided several intuitive ways to find the ideal hotel room.

“Visitors can access hotel information and booking screens by either searching by hotel name or location, by clicking state, then towns buttons, or browsing the state-wide maps with all hotels marked.

“The strong use of maps means visitors can easily see where their hotel is located and makes comparing nearby hotels a simple task,” Mr Eliason said.

He said that nearby hotels and their star rating was also included on every hotel page, making choosing the right hotel even easier.

“Often when looking for a hotel or resort you want to be sure that you have the best you can get for the area you are looking in, so we have included easy links to nearby hotels so clicking and checking them out is very simple.”

Live data and no fees charged for making bookings meant that there was a high degree of user satisfaction unlike other sites where, after finding the right hotel it was discovered that there was a fee to book or that the hotel was unavailable.

“In addition to providing access to hotels at the lowest possible prices, we understand the frustrations travelers experience when trying to find a room at their destination.

“This is why everything about the site has been designed to provide a seamless process from the start of their search through to getting their confirmation email within minutes of hitting the booking button,” Mr Eliason said.

The site has over 1300 properties listed in Australia and almost 600 in New Zealand, with more being added daily.




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