SMS is a proven marketing tool for businesses who have a need to deliver timely offers directly into the hands of their customers at a time of their choosing. It is also a marketing tool that allows rapid deployment enabling a savvy business to take advantage of many sorts of events to frame their offer.

The effectiveness of any SMS marketing is heavily influenced by the list being used. Use a poor list and your business could suffer more reputational harm than the benefits of the send.

The best SMS list is derived from your own business, through acquisition of numbers from customers at the point of sale, through sign-up promotions or other activities designed to capture opt-in registrations.

Once you have your initial list and it is uploaded into your SMS sending system, how do you keep your list properly managed?

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One of the most important is to honour optouts. If someone does not want your messages any more, it is vital that they do not get any more. Not only will they bad-mouth your business, but there is the risk they could complain to the Australia Communication Management Authority who will send you a very terse letter.

One way to honor opt-outs is to manually delete the details from your database. This might be done in the SMS sending interface, plus being done on the list you hold on your computer.

There are also undeliverable numbers – perhaps the number has been abandoned or canceled for some reason. These need to be identified and removed.

Effective list management also means regularly updating your list with new details.

Herein lays a problems for many. If you have not removed the opt-outs and undeliverable numbers from your master list, and then upload the list again, you are likely to be adding the unwanted contacts again.

So how can lists be effectively managed without duplicating the removals process and running the risk of accidental re-subscription?

The answer is to use a system that has effective SMS list management built-in as part of the overall service.

Our SMS portal provides a world-class list-management system built in.

It works like this:

  1. You upload your initial list
  2. People unsubscribe from the list using the STOP reply function
  3. Numbers bounce so are undeliverable
  4. The system automatically removes the STOP requested contacts and undeliverable messages are removed after the 2nd or 3rd bounce (depending on the system setting you want)
  5. You manually click unsubscribe any numbers that have responded in other than the STOP command (i.e. “Please take me off your list”)
  6. You upload your updated list
  7. The system WILL NOT re-add any number that has been opted out using the STOP command
  8. The system WILL NOT re-add any number that has been manually opted out by you
  9. The system WILL NOT re-add any number that have bounced 2 or 3 times
  10. The system WILL NOT duplicate any existing numbers
  11. Send and repeat!!

As you can see, the SMS portal makes managing lists almost automatic.

There is no need to manually manage lists on your computer and 99% most of the list management is handled automatically.

You can also download the clean list from our system giving you access to a clean version on your computer should you feel the need.

There is no cost to set up an account with our SMS portal and you only need purchase messages as you need them. Why not give it a try?

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