This post from Internet Retailer highlights the issues of relying on social media for your promotional activities. Simply put, almost 94% of your Facebook followers WILL NOT SEE YOUR POST. The solution is easy. Use SMS. Cost effective and your messages get read by the people you are wanting to read it, WHEN you want.

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Why shoppers aren’t seeing your Facebook posts

The social network says that with more consumers and pages sharing more content, it’s gotten harder for any single post to gain exposure in news feeds, particularly since the number of pages Liked by the typical Facebook user grew 50% last year.

More consumers and brands are sharing more content on Facebook, creating more competition to get an individual post seen by consumers in the news feed, the social network says. Adding to the problem marketers face, the total number of pages Liked by the typical Facebook user grew more than 50% last year, which further increases competition.

That’s why it has gotten increasingly difficult for online retailers to get their posts seen by their Facebook followers, writes Brian Boland, Facebook’s vice president of ads product marketing, in a blog post.

On average, only 6.51% of a brand’s followers saw a typical post  in March, down from 10.15% last November and 16.00% in February 2012, according to news feed optimization service EdgeRank Checker.

“There is now far more content being made than there is time to absorb it,” Boland writes. Facebook curates the news feed to its users’ interests. For example, a typical Facebook user has 1,500 posts that could appear in her news feed each time she logs onto the social network, and the news feed typically displays about 30 of those posts based on “thousands of factors relative to each person,” he writes.

The social network regularly tweaks the algorithm it uses to select which posts appear in a user’s news feed. For example, in April it announced it was adjusting the algorithm to penalize what it calls “Like-baiting,” marketers who ask users to Like, comment or share posts, and those who post non-original content and feature “spammy” links.

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