Every business has more sales as one of their main priorities. Often increased sales are pursued with the same mindset as chasing new customers. In fact most businesses see the two as inseparable.

While new customers are great and many efforts to increase sales will bring new customers, communicating with existing customers is a prime way to market to an audience who has already experienced what you have to offer.

PlusOne SMS: Providing SMS Marketing - Brisbane - Sydney - MelbourneOne of the best ways to communicate with your market is using SMS. While the costs compared to email are higher, statistics show that on average less than one-quarter of emails on any commercial nature are not opened.

SMS provides a way to cut through the clutter, and on average over 90% of messages are opened. Given the right inducement, response/redeption/action rates can be comparatively astronomical!

So who to send SMS to? Here are some ideas:

Old customers
A prime market are existing customers, or if your POS system can identify them, regular customers who have not bought for a while. Most customers are loyal to the businesses they deal with, unless another business interrupts that loyalty with a special offer or other inducement that allows the customer to experience dealing with them. SMS allows a great way to ‘personally’ approach them with an inducement to return to your trusted business. This inducement can be an offer for this target group only, or maybe an offer to join your special members club, to receive special offers, information etc

Current customers
For many purchases customers experience a psychological condition known as ‘buyers remorse’. This is when they are unsure they have made the right purchase decision and can affect people who have purchased everything from very expensive items to very inexpensive items. This is why people like to ‘show off’ their purchases to family and friends – so as to gain the reinforcement that they have made the right decision.

As a retailer you can play an important role in overcoming buyer remorse by sending a message thanking them for their purchase and offering a number to call if they need help with items that may need some support, or a message reinforcing your wish that they enjoy using their item and that all products are covered by a X time period warranty etc. This can be used for many instances where you have the opportunity to capture the customer’s mobile number at the time of sale.

Barrier free information supply
By allowing people to text to receive information about your product or service is av great way to enhance the value of your advertising. SMS provides the opportunity for people to instantly request information without having to look up websites or go to store. This method involves the use of keywords that are texted in and an autoresponse message is sent that has the information, a link to a mobile web page (where they can complete their purchase online), a link to a video (ideal for branding, detailed product overviews etc), or if you request their email address, then an email can be sent to their email box.

This information needs to be tailored to fit in with your sales process – part of the sales funnel – rather than just information with no ‘next step’.

Don’t forget!
Reminders are a much touted way for SMS to be used…dental appointments, hairdresser appointments etc.

However there are those products that are bought infrequently that SMS can be used to great effect. Think car servicing reminders, tyre replacement, fire extinguisher servicing, or even pre-expiry of warranty etc. It is all about working out the time frame to get back in as front of mind!

If you are looking at an SMS service that allows easy sending of messages at low rates, plus easy ways for people to join your lists, sign up for an account at Plusone SMS Portal – its free to join and easy to use!

PlusOne SMS: Providing SMS Marketing – Brisbane – Sydney – Melbourne





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