Often a business or club will have the need to send an SMS at a time when the person responsible for getting the message out is not available.  This can be a case of sending an SMS now for delivery later in the day, tomorrow, next week ,  next month or even next year.

This can be easily achieved using the PlusOne SMS Portal message scheduling tool.

It is very easy to use: when setting up the message at the stage where it mentions Schedule, change the No to a yes, and a dialog section will appear.

sms scheduling

Here you can see you have the ability to change the timezone (this automatically changes to allow for daylight saving) and is the time at your location (so make allowances for delivery to other timezones).

The date, month and year (up to 10 years into the future) can be set. The next line allows you to set the local delivery time. If you are in Perth and the timezone is set for Perth time, this is the time the messages will be sent.

The rest of the sending process can then me followed as normal.

If you check the ACTVITY tab, you will see either “Preparing to Send” or “Queued”.

If you would like to start using SMS in your business (marketing, internal communications) or club or organisation, you can set up a free SMS account at PlusOne SMS Central.

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