One aspect of using SMS marketing and advertising effectively is having a robust list to which you can send your offers.  Many business owners tell me they do not have a list:  so why not start building one today!

One way to build a list is to access your customer data base.  For many businesses this is a ready source of repeat business from people who know your business. Buy using recent customer lists and including a clear opt-out option in your messages, you can quickly have a list of people who are eager to get your messages.

However, many businesses do not capture customer details at the time of sale and in many cases customers would be reluctant to volunteer such information.

In some instances, it is valid to ask for the information for warranty purposes and people are more of obliging in providing their mobile number.  Of course you must always ask if they would like to receive specials and promos from you and your POS or other system needs to be able to separate these from those who register for warranty only.

However in many retail cases, there is neither time nor excuse to capture customer details, or the POS system does not have the capacity to record customer information.

In this case you can employ other methods.  One of the easiest is to include a small flier into the bag with their purchase that invites them to text to your dedicated number to in order to join your VIP customer list, so they will receive special offers and discounts to their mobile phone.

However just having a flier saying join our SMS VIP club is not enough. The benefit to to customer must be very evident.

It could be along the lines of: “Store Name VIP Club members get special deals and discounts. Text your name to 04  XXX XXX to subscribe.”

An auto response can be set up that can send the subscriber their very first offer!

An alternative approach is to direct people to a mobile web page that can ask more details such as name, and references for the sorts of products/offers they might like to receive. You can then take this data and build the lists manually of using our free cut and paste form, have the right form appear based on their selection to automatically build lists.

It is important for sales staff to mention this flier to raise the customers awareness so they may take almost immediate action whilst walking to the next shopping location or walking back to their car.

This invitation may also be printed on the back of the cash register receipt if you have the capability of ordering these from your supplier.

It is also worth have some posters designed and printed that promoted the existence of the VIP club to raise awareness.

You can also ask people to register their phone number on your website.  At PlusOne SMS Portal we provide you with free code that you simply copy and paste into your website that will allow people to register their details and join your list.

This is one simple way to build an opt-in list, that can be used to send specials offers and deals that will drive customers to your store or web site.

Read more about SMS here

PlusOne SMS Portal allows you to register for a free SMS account simply by filling out the form located here.



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