Another blatant spammer sending emails promoting courses is Enterprise Architecture Services.

I don’t know what a TOGAF course is, much less do I care. I care even less when I get the same emails (more than one) to several email addresses from a diversity of website I have – even ones not related to any business activity!

Here is a clue

You are receiving this e-mail because you happen to be either our client or were added to
our comprehensive database on account of your contribution in the IT domain.

This is in their footer trying to explain how they got my email address. What does ‘your contribution in the IT domain’ mean…that I have a website with an email on it?? This is in direct contravention of anti-spam legislation

In addition to the spam, it begs the question as to the existence of the course and what if some mug pays – could be a great scam…..

So for the robots trawling and gathering emails, here is their’s

So steer clear of   To me the marketing practives of iCMG is all very suspicious.



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