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Beware site redirects with this Tweet This script

Posted by on 25 Dec 2013 | Tagged as: Web

A couple of years ago i got enthusiastic about Twitter and decided to put a ‘Tweet This button on one of my websites.

Well we all did…it seemed the right thing to do.

So I sourced code from http://twitthis.com/tools and all sat there well for a number of years till recently someone said that when they accessed the site via mobile, it redirected to another site.

After much investigation I discovered it was the twitthis  script.

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Musings on the NBN rollout public information session

Posted by on 21 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Business, Communications, Web

Being in one of the first places in Australia earmarked for the National Broadband Network rollout (Toowoomba) I thought it a good idea to go along to the one hour information session to learn more about it.

Presentations weer made by a Govt officer and a rep from NBN co.

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Need a total internet security solution?

Posted by on 13 Jun 2011 | Tagged as: Business, Web

Getting the right protection for your home or office computers is vital. We suggest looking at Bullguard Internet Security.

This product provides affordable internet protection for up to three computers!

bullguard internet security

Bullguard Internet Security program provides comprehensive protection from viruses and all other online threats. Includes 5 GB online backup for your valued files, photos and music.

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How to be made to feel unimportant

Posted by on 10 Feb 2010 | Tagged as: Business, Web

I am feeling like Dave Hughes from his Glass House days – I’m not happy.

Four months ago I was introduced to an affiliate network contact in the USA with the view of increasing the exposure of Caricature King to a couple of selected sites in the USA.

From the very start things were, well kind of unsatisfactory.

I asked for an overview of their business, but nothing arrived. But there was the news that a big USA membership shopping site said they would like to run with it at the commission rates we proposed.

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Australia’s most popular Google searches

Posted by on 04 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: Business, Web

If you are into business on the internet, this list will be of interest. If not, this list may be of interest!

Google reveals Australia’s most popular internet searches
Fastest rising searches of 2009

1. Swine flu
2. Susan Boyle
3. MasterChef
4. Stimulus package
5. Wimbledon
6. Twitter
7. Bing
8. One HD
9. AFL fixture 2009
10. Bruno

Fastest rising retail searches of 2009

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Business Tip #3 – Ignore customer emails at your peril

Posted by on 30 Jul 2009 | Tagged as: Business, Communications, consumer engagement, Marketing, Web

This Business Tip is all about customer service. It is about an odd demarcation that has evolved between customer enquiries that are received by phone and those that are received by email. Which is more important? Which gets the best response?

This question has always been at the back of my mind, but today’s tip was prompted by this interesting point that appeared in:

Your website’s hidden treasure – SmartCompany
2. Reduce query-to-order turnaround time
How often are sales or production processes delayed because you haven’t been able to “touch base” with your prospect or customer? And how many sales have been lost because a competitor beat you to the punch?

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Twitter marketing: genuine works – or not so genuine

Posted by on 27 Jul 2009 | Tagged as: Business, Communications, Marketing, Web

This is an interesting article that shows how ad agencies just don’t get Twitter at all.

Twitter marketing: genuine works — NevilleHobson.com

Rather than interactivity, they push user activity. Perhaps they need to look up ‘conversation’ in the dictionary.

Have ideas on the use of Twitter? Share them via comments.

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The next 15 trends in social networking – Business news, business advice and information for Australian SMEs | SmartCompany

Posted by on 16 Jul 2009 | Tagged as: Business, Marketing, Web

I am yet to be convinced of the ROI of social networking. However for interest here is an article that has The next 15 trends in social networking

Do you use social networking for your business? Has it worked for you and if so what process did you use?

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Will Bing search become a household name?

Posted by on 10 Jul 2009 | Tagged as: General, Marketing, Web

I was reading an article the other day about the progressive inroads that Microsoft’s new search engine Bing is having is the search world.

Admittedly they are still a long way behind and only have a small sector of the market, but its popularity is slowly increasing. If you have not seen it yet, check it out.

Reports are that Microsoft has spent 100 million dollars on advertising to get the new search engine into people’s faces.

But is Microsoft its own worst enemy? I ask this because while Bing is being promoted as a product brand, it is also being branded as a Microsoft product. Seems the powers that be at Microsoft just cannot resist keeping one branding hand on their new baby.

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How can images help you sell your product

Posted by on 06 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: Web

Women’s shoes – not the sort of thing a guy writes a bolg post about, but today women’s shoes can help demonstrate how good use of images can help sell product.

Check out Womens Zalo Pump shoes.

Nice picture of the shoes but hardly convincing enough to make you want to buy….but move your cursor over the image. Now we are approaching something the same as the level of inspection that you can give shoes when you are in the shop.

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