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What to look for in email Phishing scams

Posted by on 18 Nov 2013 | Tagged as: Business, General

Today, most robberies do not occur on the streets, or from people’s homes and bank robberies are now almost unheard of.

With the increased sophistication that the internet provides, most times the person out to steal from you probably is not even in the same country.

Some clever emails are mass sent that rely on the reader being either un-knowledgeable, tired, busy or trusting.

Here is a Phishing email I received today. It could have purported to be from any bank and on a percentage basis when these are sent I guess they are targeting the percentage of people who use the bank mentioned in the email.

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Want to import goods into Australia – here is how to do it!

Posted by on 11 May 2012 | Tagged as: Business, General

Importing Australia - The Essential Guide for Importers

Every day there are people looking to import goods for their business. These can be for resale, or can be importing items such as machinery to improve business efficiency.

However, despite the seeming ease of importing and the easy access to manufacturers that has previously not been seen, there are dozens of pitfall to trap the unwary. While a simple internet search for overseas suppliers can result in many sites and millions of products, just how can you be sure that what you want to buy is going to be salable so you can make good profits?

Many overseas suppliers can supply good quality samples by post, but the importer can be dismayed to find when they open their container that the goods delivered are not the same quality.

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Use customer service to battle online traders

Posted by on 17 Dec 2011 | Tagged as: Business, consumer engagement, General, Marketing

I have been following some interesting discussions in several web forums about prices we pay in regular bricks and mortar stores  compared to online and where the anti-online buying move and misrepresentation on both sides leaves the argument undecided.

Not surprisingly, methods to retain customers were raised, which of course raised the whole can of worms about pricing, how GST influences things so much, that items are cheaper to buy overseas, etc. Of course each of these factors has their merits and counter argument.

There were even proposals that traditional bricks and mortar stores needed to set up online versions of themselves – even to the extent that sales staff could be made redundant and stores operate merely as pick-up points. (Harvey Norman is moving to this is a very limited way – allowing online sales and in-store pickup.)

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The secret workaround to slashing mobile global roaming charges

Posted by on 28 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Business, General, SMS

With the favorable exchange rate it seems every second person is heading overseas on holidays or business travel.

All to often however, people come back and get a nasty surprise – and I am not talking about health related ones 😉

Just as shocking can be the arrival of the next phone bill with a huge amount for global roaming costs, both for calls made and for those intrusive, well meaning relatives who just want to phone all the time to see ‘how things are going?’

It is not unusual for people to receive a phone bill of several THOUSAND dollars. This soon wipes any advantage of cheap holidays brought about by the high Aussie dollar.

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Another business claiming I subscribed to their list

Posted by on 25 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Business, General

Sorry people at

Channel 1 Creative Media

Level 1 Chandler Arcade, 109 Boronia Rd
Boronia, Vic 3155
But I never subscribed to your list – I would never have any interest in what you have to offer so why would I have subscribed.

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Computer backups vital for business and personal computers

Posted by on 24 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Business, General

In the past week I have had contact with several people who have lost files,or suffered other issues with computers that have caused much anxiety and in some cases, information, or pictures have been lost forever.

While backing up data would seem to be a  self evident task for every business, even home computer users need to look seriously at backing up their data.

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Australia, asylum seekers and the solution

Posted by on 06 Sep 2011 | Tagged as: General


The decades running debate on implementation, policy change, change of government and new policy exploration,  high-court scuttling of policy and the opposition’s offer of assistance in formulating new policy,  ignores the real solution for dealing with asylum seekers who arrive on our northern shores.

The issue is not one of of where to process this comparatively small tide of people, nor is it a question of should we be accepting what the naysayers regard as a great flood of illegals trying to jump the queue. The willingness of both sides of politics to accept 4,000 processed immigrants from Malaysia clearly shows we have the capacity to accept those who want to come and who meet the criteria.

The really issue is one of storage. Where to store people while their applications are processed. The reason for even needing to look at overseas alternatives is merely brought about by the fact that all of the detentions centres run by the Australian Government (and not just this government, but its predecessor as well) are overcrowded and prison-like.

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Is the Blackberry a revolutionary force?

Posted by on 23 Aug 2011 | Tagged as: General, SMS


Here is an interesting perspective on the UK riots and the rise in technology.


It’s one thing to trumpet color revolutions far from home, quite another to confront violence at your own front door. It’s one thing to trumpet the revolutionary potential of social networking devices at posh conventions and in advertorials, quite another to bear the brunt of rumors and hate mongering spread anonymously at the speed of light.

When London and other English cities were shaken by street riots between Aug 6 and 10, British Prime Minister David Cameron and officials in high places were quick to point the finger at Blackberry and considered closing it down. This begs the question: Was Britain hit by a Blackberry revolution?

Low social mobility combined with high degree of social networking is a recipe for a revolution of rising expectations, as can be seen in Britain where the rich-poor gap is wide and social networks are all the rage.

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US attitudes stifling economic growth

Posted by on 23 Aug 2011 | Tagged as: General

One can imaging that having been the world’s leading military and some would say economic power for over half a century imprints a certain amount of belligerence onto America’s economic attitudes, but also puts the USA into a very small and some would argue, backward club.

This club is so exclusive, it only has two other members: Liberia and Myanmar.  This is the exclusive club who’s members have not yet adopted the metric system.

This propagates the USA’s bizarre way of expressing weights and measures. While pints get upgraded to quarts and gallons, pounds stay as pounds. What is 30,000 pounds in real terms? Why not express it as 150 tons (ore preferably, 136  tonnes)

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Sales fatigue fuels retail slump

Posted by on 25 Jul 2011 | Tagged as: Business, General

I have said before that the constant wrangling over the Carbon Tax and the persistant nay-saying and negative approach by Tony Abbott is creating huge uncertainty in the market for consumers.

KMART managing director Guy Russo believes the carbon-tax debate is partly responsible for the slump in retail spending and that constant sales and discounting by retailers are confusing shoppers, making them distrust shelf prices and keep their hands in their pockets.

Sales fatigue fuels retail slump.

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