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Emergency SMS Text Messaging Services – an essential communication tool for schools

Posted by on 01 Mar 2016 | Tagged as: Communications, consumer engagement, SMS

The communication process between parents and schools has been a hot topic for a number of years. However, after parents did not receive any updates from a series of threatening phone calls made last week, the Government of Victoria is ready to make a change. State schools across Victoria are leading the way, and will be implementing SMS alerts into all emergency situations.

Most schools either pass off important letters for their students to bring home, or in the case of an emergency – a staff member will be assigned to personally call each individual parent. This process has worked well in the past, but in the current technological era that we are living in, this simply isn’t acceptable. This process takes too long, is inefficient for all parties involved, and is also very expensive.

Why is SMS the Solution?

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Managers need to manage the support of staff, not the staff themselves

Posted by on 27 Jun 2014 | Tagged as: Business, consumer engagement

This is an excellent article that addresses talent, but think beyond ideas, also think about empowerment with customers. Sadly it is always management that is the weak link. The challenge is to reduce defensiveness, rid the control mentality and move to a new reality where managers are supporters and their success is based on staff success. Yes, managers need to manage the support of staff, not the staff themselves.

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PlusOne SMS Portal – Quicksend

Posted by on 12 Aug 2013 | Tagged as: consumer engagement, SMS

While having the ability to send text messages to your client/customer list is a proven way to help drive more enquiries and sales for your business, there are often times when you have need to send a text message to just one or two people.

These single or very small list sends can be to work colleagues, or in response to an enquiry. While you can create a mini list, it is far easier to make use of the Quick Send function in the recently updated interface.

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Use customer service to battle online traders

Posted by on 17 Dec 2011 | Tagged as: Business, consumer engagement, General, Marketing

I have been following some interesting discussions in several web forums about prices we pay in regular bricks and mortar stores  compared to online and where the anti-online buying move and misrepresentation on both sides leaves the argument undecided.

Not surprisingly, methods to retain customers were raised, which of course raised the whole can of worms about pricing, how GST influences things so much, that items are cheaper to buy overseas, etc. Of course each of these factors has their merits and counter argument.

There were even proposals that traditional bricks and mortar stores needed to set up online versions of themselves – even to the extent that sales staff could be made redundant and stores operate merely as pick-up points. (Harvey Norman is moving to this is a very limited way – allowing online sales and in-store pickup.)

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10 ideas to use SMS to drive customer interactions and boost relationship

Posted by on 29 Aug 2011 | Tagged as: consumer engagement, Marketing, SMS

SMS is a a proven and cost effective way to communicate with your market and your customers in a way that will reach them.  Here are nine ideas showing how SMS can be used to help drive traffic to your store, or used to enhance customer relations. Note the inclusion of the optout on all promotional messages.

If you would like to explore how SMS can be used in your business, feel free to call Matt on 0409 349 752 for an obligation-free chat. In many cases we can set up a free account for you to test your ideas!


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Labelling fines for supermarkets – QR code opportunity

Posted by on 11 May 2011 | Tagged as: Business, consumer engagement, Media, SMS

The following news highlights an important opportunity for retailers to make better use of mobile technology to better inform consumers.

In this case the simple use of QR codes.

QRcodes, as the lovely lass is showing us, are special codes (that can be created for free) that when scanned by the code reader software that now comes with just about every smartphone.

When scanned, the code can do one of several things. It can go away and set up a data link and then display text, or go to any form of URL so pictures, video or a web page can be displayed.

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How to increase the power of your SMS offer

Posted by on 03 May 2011 | Tagged as: Business, consumer engagement, Marketing, SMS

Today I would like to talk about making your SMS marketing or advertising message count through increasing the power of the message.

While using our SMS Portal provides a quick and efficient tool for distributing messages directly into the hands and consciousness of your list. (We spoke of SMS list building a few months ago.)

Because SMS is such a personal medium (people create a special bond with their phones) it is vital that communication with your list is carefully considered.

People have opted into your list for a reason and this reason will be the one given when they first joined your list.

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Why SMS is better than Facebook for marketing

Posted by on 18 Apr 2011 | Tagged as: Business, consumer engagement, Marketing, SMS

In our previous post we presented a great article on why SMS is better than Twitter for marketing.

In this st we present an article on why SMS is better than Facebook.

And guess what….despite the hype of Facebook it still gets beaten hands down by a proven technology, one that some may claim is a little ‘old fashioned’  that has been around for 10 years.

If you want to try SMS, we can set up an account for you. Just fill in this form

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Why SMS is better than Twitter for marketing

Posted by on 13 Apr 2011 | Tagged as: Business, consumer engagement, Marketing, SMS

Here is a great article from Mobilestorm that goes through the similarities and differences between SMS and Twitter.

Bottom line SMS wins hands down!

If you want to try SMS, we can set up an account for you. Just fill in this form

Twitter is an important communication channel that businesses need to adopt as a strategy, but it is vastly different from an SMS marketing strategy.

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Pitfalls to avoid in SMS marketing

Posted by on 12 Apr 2011 | Tagged as: consumer engagement, SMS

Here is a good, fairly succinct article from Rimma Kats

Brands and marketers are increasingly incorporating SMS into their mobile initiatives to engage and communicate with consumers. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid.

Industry experts agree that some type of SMS marketing is prevalent to reaching as many consumers as possible. Feature (Smart) phones continue to increase in the market and many consumers can be reached on them. However older handsets are just as viable for effective campaigns.

“Education and making smart decisions are key to prevent mistakes form happening,” said Jeff Hasen, chief marketing officer of Hipcricket, Kirkland, WA.

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