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Emergency SMS Text Messaging Services – an essential communication tool for schools

Posted by on 01 Mar 2016 | Tagged as: Communications, consumer engagement, SMS

The communication process between parents and schools has been a hot topic for a number of years. However, after parents did not receive any updates from a series of threatening phone calls made last week, the Government of Victoria is ready to make a change. State schools across Victoria are leading the way, and will be implementing SMS alerts into all emergency situations.

Most schools either pass off important letters for their students to bring home, or in the case of an emergency – a staff member will be assigned to personally call each individual parent. This process has worked well in the past, but in the current technological era that we are living in, this simply isn’t acceptable. This process takes too long, is inefficient for all parties involved, and is also very expensive.

Why is SMS the Solution?

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Internet shoppers are not seeing your posts and what you can do about it

Posted by on 08 Jun 2014 | Tagged as: Business, Communications, SMS

This post from Internet Retailer highlights the issues of relying on social media for your promotional activities. Simply put, almost 94% of your Facebook followers WILL NOT SEE YOUR POST. The solution is easy. Use SMS. Cost effective and your messages get read by the people you are wanting to read it, WHEN you want.

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SMS – getting your offer out at the optimum time

Posted by on 06 Nov 2011 | Tagged as: Communications, Marketing, SMS

While you know your does the best of any around, your store is competing with other store for customers, plus a whole raft of other similar product choices.

So how to get your offers in front of ready buyers?

We suggest SMS is an ideal method, regardless of whether you are an independent operator, a franchisee or a franchisor to distribute your offer direct to consumers, at just the right time – when they are wanting to buy – as a text message using SMS.

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Enterprise Architecture Services joins the spam alert list

Posted by on 27 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Communications

Another blatant spammer sending emails promoting courses is Enterprise Architecture Services.

I don’t know what a TOGAF course is, much less do I care. I care even less when I get the same emails (more than one) to several email addresses from a diversity of website I have – even ones not related to any business activity!

Here is a clue

You are receiving this e-mail because you happen to be either our client or were added to
our comprehensive database on account of your contribution in the IT domain.

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Musings on the NBN rollout public information session

Posted by on 21 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Business, Communications, Web

Being in one of the first places in Australia earmarked for the National Broadband Network rollout (Toowoomba) I thought it a good idea to go along to the one hour information session to learn more about it.

Presentations weer made by a Govt officer and a rep from NBN co.

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PM Training Concepts – why would I have an interest?

Posted by on 21 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Business, Communications, Marketing

Today I received an email touting the PM Training Concepts – PMI REP 3147 course.

The thing is despite it being personalised and having an unsubscribe link at the bottom, I have never subscribed to their list (the email used is never used to subscribe to anything – that is what Hotmail and Yahoo accounts are for).

So this means PM Training Concepts must be using trawling to build their lists. This is one black mark as spam.

Black mark two is the fact that the contents of the email did not explain fully what PMP is (there are some fleeting references to project management) – therefore it is not a legitimate business approach as is has no relevance to me.

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List management essential for SMS marketing

Posted by on 20 Jul 2011 | Tagged as: Business, Communications, Marketing, SMS


SMS is a proven marketing tool for businesses who have a need to deliver timely offers directly into the hands of their customers at a time of their choosing. It is also a marketing tool that allows rapid deployment enabling a savvy business to take advantage of many sorts of events to frame their offer.

The effectiveness of any SMS marketing is heavily influenced by the list being used. Use a poor list and your business could suffer more reputational harm than the benefits of the send.

The best SMS list is derived from your own business, through acquisition of numbers from customers at the point of sale, through sign-up promotions or other activities designed to capture opt-in registrations.

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How to stop getting promotional fax spam from nofax

Posted by on 05 Jun 2011 | Tagged as: Business, Communications, General, Marketing

I have been driven mad by unsolicited spam faxes.

Faxing is covered by the same spam legislation as email and SMS, but sadly this is overlooked by most.

After many optouts to (who have no contact details on their site, despite the site being run by prospect marketing) I tracked down the right person to have my fax number removed from their entire database.

If you want to have your fax number removed from any fax with nofax at the bottom, contact:

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SMS ideal marketing tool for small and large business

Posted by on 16 Feb 2011 | Tagged as: Business, Communications, consumer engagement, Marketing

In today’s business environment, tighter margins mean cost cutting across the board for many businesses. One of these areas is marketing and advertising.

As anyone in sales and advertising will tell you, when business gets slow, the last thing that should be reduced is the business’s capacity to maintain and grow its market share.

In fact during economic tough times provides the perfect time to be taking your product to market because everyone else has reduced their marketing and advertising budgets, making the overall effectiveness of your campaigns much better.

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Will SMS feature in the Australian election campaign?

Posted by on 19 Jul 2010 | Tagged as: Communications, consumer engagement, SMS

While the use of SMS was widely noted in the USA electoral campaign, it will be interesting to see what use is made by political parties and indeed down to the candidate level here in Australia.

I have an expectation that Labor will be more proactive in the use of what is still regarded as fringe media, as well as using social media.

As the election pace picks up, there is the ideal opportunity to deliver targeted messages to the party faithful.

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