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If SEO get more sales than Social Media, what about SMS?

Posted by on 12 Aug 2014 | Tagged as: Business, Marketing, SMS

If SEO get more sales than Social Media, what about SMS? Here are some things to think about.

I was reading an article that started out like this:

If you’re counting on social media to be the answer to your sales woes, you might want take a step back and examine the problem you’re trying to solve. The truth is, social media as a strategy doesn’t account for much in terms of sales generation — certainly not when compared with direct online searches. Fast-growth businesses who sell online frequently ask me which I would rank higher — SEO or social media?  It might surprise you, that social is not the silver bullet its staunch proponents want to believe it is.

I have never been a fan of social media for marketing. The whole thing is too intangible and unless your product or brand is one that appeals to the younger pop-culture society, where customers are happy to have their identities defined by your brand/products (lucky you), then to me social media is a bit of a yawn. Great if you have a business dealing in promoting and providing services in that sector, and a lot can be argued with the magic of numbers, but can also be argued down by cutting through the smoke and mirrors of it all.

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Managers need to manage the support of staff, not the staff themselves

Posted by on 27 Jun 2014 | Tagged as: Business, consumer engagement

This is an excellent article that addresses talent, but think beyond ideas, also think about empowerment with customers. Sadly it is always management that is the weak link. The challenge is to reduce defensiveness, rid the control mentality and move to a new reality where managers are supporters and their success is based on staff success. Yes, managers need to manage the support of staff, not the staff themselves.

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Internet shoppers are not seeing your posts and what you can do about it

Posted by on 08 Jun 2014 | Tagged as: Business, Communications, SMS

This post from Internet Retailer highlights the issues of relying on social media for your promotional activities. Simply put, almost 94% of your Facebook followers WILL NOT SEE YOUR POST. The solution is easy. Use SMS. Cost effective and your messages get read by the people you are wanting to read it, WHEN you want.

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What to look for in email Phishing scams

Posted by on 18 Nov 2013 | Tagged as: Business, General

Today, most robberies do not occur on the streets, or from people’s homes and bank robberies are now almost unheard of.

With the increased sophistication that the internet provides, most times the person out to steal from you probably is not even in the same country.

Some clever emails are mass sent that rely on the reader being either un-knowledgeable, tired, busy or trusting.

Here is a Phishing email I received today. It could have purported to be from any bank and on a percentage basis when these are sent I guess they are targeting the percentage of people who use the bank mentioned in the email.

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Want to import goods into Australia – here is how to do it!

Posted by on 11 May 2012 | Tagged as: Business, General

Importing Australia - The Essential Guide for Importers

Every day there are people looking to import goods for their business. These can be for resale, or can be importing items such as machinery to improve business efficiency.

However, despite the seeming ease of importing and the easy access to manufacturers that has previously not been seen, there are dozens of pitfall to trap the unwary. While a simple internet search for overseas suppliers can result in many sites and millions of products, just how can you be sure that what you want to buy is going to be salable so you can make good profits?

Many overseas suppliers can supply good quality samples by post, but the importer can be dismayed to find when they open their container that the goods delivered are not the same quality.

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Cross industry sales processes – its not so different

Posted by on 16 Feb 2012 | Tagged as: Business, Marketing

Here is a great short piece that outlines a sales process in the real estate industry and poses the question about if a similar system can be used in your business.

There will be very few businesses that cannot see the applications for them.

For years I’ve admired the real estate industry and their marketing systems.

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Use customer service to battle online traders

Posted by on 17 Dec 2011 | Tagged as: Business, consumer engagement, General, Marketing

I have been following some interesting discussions in several web forums about prices we pay in regular bricks and mortar stores  compared to online and where the anti-online buying move and misrepresentation on both sides leaves the argument undecided.

Not surprisingly, methods to retain customers were raised, which of course raised the whole can of worms about pricing, how GST influences things so much, that items are cheaper to buy overseas, etc. Of course each of these factors has their merits and counter argument.

There were even proposals that traditional bricks and mortar stores needed to set up online versions of themselves – even to the extent that sales staff could be made redundant and stores operate merely as pick-up points. (Harvey Norman is moving to this is a very limited way – allowing online sales and in-store pickup.)

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The secret workaround to slashing mobile global roaming charges

Posted by on 28 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Business, General, SMS

With the favorable exchange rate it seems every second person is heading overseas on holidays or business travel.

All to often however, people come back and get a nasty surprise – and I am not talking about health related ones 😉

Just as shocking can be the arrival of the next phone bill with a huge amount for global roaming costs, both for calls made and for those intrusive, well meaning relatives who just want to phone all the time to see ‘how things are going?’

It is not unusual for people to receive a phone bill of several THOUSAND dollars. This soon wipes any advantage of cheap holidays brought about by the high Aussie dollar.

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Another business claiming I subscribed to their list

Posted by on 25 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Business, General

Sorry people at

Channel 1 Creative Media

Level 1 Chandler Arcade, 109 Boronia Rd
Boronia, Vic 3155
But I never subscribed to your list – I would never have any interest in what you have to offer so why would I have subscribed.

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Computer backups vital for business and personal computers

Posted by on 24 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Business, General

In the past week I have had contact with several people who have lost files,or suffered other issues with computers that have caused much anxiety and in some cases, information, or pictures have been lost forever.

While backing up data would seem to be a  self evident task for every business, even home computer users need to look seriously at backing up their data.

Take these statistics from a survey of small business in the USA – I am sure they would be similar here in Australia: Continue Reading»

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