Your photo to an

amazing peronalized

digital caricature

Enjoy seeing your photo come to life as a fun and unique caricature. The Caricature King features several highly talented and skilled caricaturists who provide a range of personalised digital caricature services and will draw a caricature from photo, using your supplied photograph. Using your image an amazing caricature is drawn from photo to deliver to you a fun, quality digital caricature picture from an unbelievably low price! Your caricature is ideal for printing at home, at your local photo shop, or put onto shirts, mugs etc.

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:: Choose the style that suits you ::
Simply browse our four caricature artists to choose the style that you like best. Caricaturists draw caricatures in styles ranging from close representation to cartoon caricatures to quite distorted images. There are samples of the caricature artists work on their pages so you can get a good feel for what they do when looking for a personalized caricature of yourself, a family member or work colleague.

Ordering instructions for each caricaturist are included on all pages. When ordering caricature illustrations from the caricaturists you need to send us your image as well as complete the ordering process for your personalized caricature. You will then receive by email a quality caricature based on the supplied photo suitable for printing and more. We even accept images from phone cameras!

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:: Quality caricatures ::
Our unique caricatures are produced and delivered in digital format. This has several benefits including; quick delivery, cheaper price, plus a digital caricature gives you flexibility in how you can use your caricature and makes it ideal for use as a:

  • corporate gift caricature
  • staff award caricature
  • team momento caricature
  • personal gift caricature
  • birthday caricature
  • fathers dat caricature
  • mothers day caricature
  • bosses day caricature
  • Christmas gift caricature
  • caricature for avatar in a forum,
  • avatar for instant messaging programs or Skype
  • business card caricature
  • web site
  • Scrapbooking
  • printed on cups/T-shirts etc

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:: What is a caricature? ::
A caricature is a representation, in which the subject’s distinctive features or peculiarities are deliberately exaggerated to a greater or lesser degree to produce a comic effect. This means it is not a portrait, and under some circumstances may have a limited similarity to the original subject. Basically it means your nose may not be proportional because it has been exaggerated, or a forehead might be extra high etc.

We cater for individual up to large group images!

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