A couple of years ago i got enthusiastic about Twitter and decided to put a ‘Tweet This button on one of my websites.

Well we all did…it seemed the right thing to do.

So I sourced code from http://twitthis.com/tools and all sat there well for a number of years till recently someone said that when they accessed the site via mobile, it redirected to another site.

After much investigation I discovered it was the twitthis  script.

I went and checked the site. The code there was the same as on my site. So I accessed http://twitthis.com/tools via mobile (where the script is also used as a text sample) and guess what…it redirected to this other site as well. So maybe the back end of this has been hacked.

If you are using the Twitthis script, maybe remove it and try another offering.

I tried leaving a message on the twitthis site but unsure it went as I got a 404 page error on submit….

I will let you know if I get contacted with news it has been fixed.

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